teaching + Residencies


We can offer the following possibilities for classes and workshops for trained and untrained performers - contemporary technique, contact/partnering, and a repertory and/or composition workshop. Classes will be offered by Bill Young, Colleen Thomas, and other members of the company.

Contemporary Technique
The class will feature a full-bodied, contemporary warm-up, culminating with learning an extended phrase from the repertory - material that emphasizes off-center work - riding momentum at the edge of balance.

Study the principles of the partnering technique that is now required of almost all contemporary dancers, with 2 masters of the form for over 40 years. Sensation building, center connection and finding the safe edges of risk. Open to all dancers.

A class specifically devoted to Contact Improvisation, as studied and developed by Bill Young since the beginning of his career at Oberlin College (the birthplace of Contact). After exploring fundamental principles of Contact as an technique within improvisation, the class then focuses on using these skills to learn specific set sections of contact-based partnering from the repertory, as well as for the creation of new material, using as a model the company's unique methods for the development of partnering sequences.

Repertory Workshop
Participants will learn an excerpt of a recent work by Bill Young/Colleen Thomas and Dancers - and to explore within themselves the company's extreme and dynamic movement language, and their fluid and magical partnering.



Nov,   Teaching Residency (B. Young),   Julliard School,   NY, NY
Nov,   Choreographic Residency (B. Young ),   Long Island Univ,   Bklyn, NY
Sep,   Choreographic Residency (C. Thomas),   Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee,   Milwaukee, WI
Jun,   Teaching Residency, Dance-in-Paris,   Paris, France

Nov,   Teaching Residency (B. Young),   Bogota Dance Festival,    Bogota, Colombia
Nov,   Teaching Residency (B. Young),   Julliard School,   NY, NY
Oct,   Choreographic  Residency ,   Dickenson College,   Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Oct,   Choreographic Residency (C. Thomas),   Zenon Dance Company,   Minneapolis, MN
Sep,   Choreographic Residency (B. Young ),   Steps-on-Bway Ensemble,   NY, NY
Sep,   Choreographic  Residency ,   Univ. Wisconsin, Madison,   Madison, Wisconsin
Jun,   Teaching/Performing Residency,   Florida Dance Festival,   Tampa, FL
Apr,   Choreographic Residency (B. Young ),   Barnard College,   NY, NY
Jan,   Teaching Residency (B. Young),   Julliard School,   NY, NY

Dec,   Company Residency,   Florida Dance WinterFEST - NPN,   Miami, FL
Nov,   Choreographic Residency (B. Young ),   Steps-on-Bway Ensemble,   NY, NY
Oct,   Choreographic  Residency (C. Thomas),   Univ. of Minnesota,   Minneapolis, MN
Jul,   Teaching Residency (C. Thomas),   Bates Dance Festival,   Lewiston, ME
Jun,   Teaching Residency,   Dance-in-Paris,   Paris, France
Feb,   Choreographic Residency (B. Young ),   Kenyon College,   Gambier, OH
Feb,   Choreographic  Residency (C. Thomas),   Ursinus College,   Collegeville, PA
Jan,   Choreographic Residency (B. Young ),   Oberlin College,   Oberlin, OH